Benefits of Coloring for Children and Adults

Benefits of Coloring for Children

Children love to color. And we love it when they sit quietly and just color. Keeps them occupied, right? Well what if I told you that there are a lot more cognitive, psychological and creative benefits of coloring for adults. In fact, these benefits are so significant that they not only help them as children and their development but also carry over to their teenage and adolescence days. Following are the few benefits of coloring for adults.

  • Awareness and Recognition of Colors. Simply learning the names of colors and hues by reading can be hard for some kids and then further applying it to real life can be harder. But with hands-on learning by coloring themselves they develop a better understanding of primary and common colors alongside some lesser-known colors as well. This hands-on awareness and recognition of colors can go a long away into developing their creative and logical brain functions.
  • Awareness of Boundaries, Structure and Spaces. Whether your child grows into a renegade artist or a by the book kind of a person, it is very beneficial to start on knowing rules before you break out of them. Adhering to boundaries is extremely crucial for their teenage and indolence years. It helps implant a sense of structure, benefits of boundaries. Not only this but it can also help children learn about lines, shapes, colors/hues, perspective, patterns and forms.
  • Confidence Boost. Being able to complete a coloring page, ensues a sense of accomplishment which in turn boosts confidence amongst children. Having your child or children, daily complete projects and coloring pages will boost not only their confidence but also self-esteem and pride in themselves.
  • Self-Expression. Every child has his/her own individual personalities and some of these children are visual. Coloring provides these children with a medium to express themselves by choosing colors and how they choose to color, whether dark colors or light ones, whether they choose to color within boundaries or not can all be a medium of expression for them.
  • Better Handwriting. Starting your children with coloring at an early age can help contribute to dexterity, hand strength and attention to detail. These in turn help your children transition over to writing in a much more smoother way.
  • Creativity. Coloring develops a creative spirit and an appreciation for all the visual colors and cues that are present in our world.

Benefits of Coloring for Adults

You might recall memories of your childhood where you could spend hours and hours coloring a book. Thinking of new ways to add your own definition to an already printed image. Those were definitely good times but did you know that coloring pages is not just for kids but in fact for adults as well. In fact, this is becoming such a trend that there are so many coloring apps and online printable coloring pages available for adults. Now there are a number of reasons as to why adults should use coloring pages, two main ones are the therapeutic benefits it has and secondly, coloring was, as kids, and still can be just as awesome!

Below is a list of a few therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults:

  • De-Stressing. Research on therapeutic benefits of coloring has been going on as far back as the first-half of the 20th century, a scientist named Carl Jung stands out in this. He dedicated his life to studying the therapeutic benefits of coloring. He specifically studied the effects of coloring Mandalas, which are symmetrical images. His research proved to show that this activity for adults has very calming effects and it also helped reduce stress in stressed adults as well.
  • Brain Activation. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala found that coloring activates both of our brain hemispheres by activating our logical and creative side. The process of using logic to figure out which color will go in which pattern and being mindful of staying within the lines activates our logical side of the brain. All the while matching and mixing new colors activates our creative. These two elements in combination gives you a brain activity that well appreciated.
  • Travel to a Far Away Land. I know, how can coloring take you anywhere. Well this is more of a mental trip rather than a physical one. After a long day of work and stress, when you come home and just need to get away from everything and relax then just take out your color pencils or crayon and start coloring without a single care in the world. You will be surprised how good you feel.

There are just so many more benefits that are out of the scope of this article but one thing you can pick up from here is that coloring for adults is worth it, in every way. You really have to try it to believe it!